Yellow sunshine

Yellow sunshine

The most representative color of summer should be yellow, a color that reminds us of the sun, the beach and cheers us up.

Yellow sunshine 16

It’s a pitty that the rest of the year it’s a color that is almost forgotten, except in its less bright versions such as mustard, that has been a very trendy color this season. I prefer bright yellow, especially in accessorizing and though at first I resist to it when I wear it I feel like a child with brand new shoes, just like when I wear these dr. scholl’s sandals that I bought a few days ago in Natura shop.

As always, children have more options in these type of colors, maybe it’s because they love bright colors. A touch of yellow brightens up every outfit , if you don’t believe it check this selection.

Yellow sunshine 17

1.Cardigan from le petit bateau/ 2. Cat eye sunglasses from finger in the nose/3. Belt from Bobo Choses/ 4. Sneakers Spring Court/ 5. Sweedish Hasbeens

I also like yellow shorts mixed with white t-shirts. At Zara Kids they have several yellow shorts that I love like these girl ones that have flowers on them. I also love the overall from mini rodini that you can find at Tiny Barcelona, or the white one with a tiny yellow pocket from Zara.

Yellow sunshine 18

I love the dress on the left and I would really like for me this animal print top! And what do you think of this funny mini rodini’s sweater? Isn’t it cute?

Yellow sunshine 19

You can also check how good yellow looks on deco, for example: this yellow cupboard or these beautiful yellow elephant pillow from etsy.

Yellow sunshine 20

Are you also a great fan of yellow?

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