Wooden playhouses for kids

Wooden playhouses for kids

One of my childhood dreams was to have a hut on a tree but since we lived in a flat with no garden, my sister and I used the living room table for the same purpose.

One day, the “Three Wisemen” brought us a fabric playhouse, a great investment after all the time we spent playing with it. When we grew older, our games got a bit more sophisticated and one summer we built a hut with ropes, sticks and stones by the river. 

I don’t know why but the other day I found myself looking for playhouses. It’s pretty impressive the wide range of models one can find.

So today, I’m going to show you a recap of traditional wooden playhouses for kids.


These are one of the cheapest, with prices ranging from 270 euros to 1.700 euros the two-storey height yellow one. 

Wooden playhouses for kids 34

Wooden playhouses for kids 35

Wooden playhouses for kids 36


Eurocasetas has playhouses from 300 euros made of wooden panels that look quite easy to assemble.

Wooden playhouses for kids 37


If price is not an issue, Green House is your brand. They’re specialized in wooden playhouses and have the widest range. The cheapest one costs 815 euros and the most expensive 4.850 euros. They don’t include neither the assembly nor the painted materials (although you can pay a supplement and they paint it for you).

Wooden playhouses for kids 38

I love these ones with the slides. They’re intended for kids till 14 years old.

Wooden playhouses for kids 39

Wooden playhouses for kids 40

Check out these mansions like the two-storey height “Villa Orleans” or “Hansel y Gretel” with a blackboard that divides the interior in two ambients.

Wooden playhouses for kids 41

Wooden playhouses for kids 42

…Or “Versailles” model which reminds you of the famous chateau.

Wooden playhouses for kids 43


And at last, in topludi they have very original asymmetric playhouses from ecological origin. Prices go from 300 to 1.200 euros.

Wooden playhouses for kids 44

In future posts I’ll share with you some plastic playhouses that fit into some balconies and the most modern playhouses ever seen.

By the way, during august we’ll continue publishing although only 1 post per week since we’ll have limited access to internet.

Have a nice summer and enjoy your holidays!

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