Wall height /growth charts

Wall height /growth charts

I’ve been searching for wall growth charts for my minimoi’s bedroom and I still haven’t made up my mind. It’s funny to see how such a simple thing as putting marks on a wall has turned into a beautiful decoration element.

Wall height /growth charts 34

My little nephew Bruno has one teddy height chart from Noukie’s. It’s very soft and perfect for a baby room.

Wall height /growth charts 35

Saro’s are very colorful and they have such a wide range that you could create a zoo!

Wall height /growth charts 36

There are also wooden height charts as this red one from Frank & Fischer . And one can find, of course, thousands of stickers and adhesive wall Growth Charts for Boys and Girls.Wall height /growth charts 37

There are true artworks. What about this friendly Giraffe Height Chart Wall Sticker from Bewilders? It’s not only a useful height chart but also reminds your minimoi that it’s important to eat healthy 😉

Wall height /growth charts 38

Wall height /growth charts 39

You already discovered in this post our obsession for trees, so we couldn’t miss out these beautiful stickers from Océchou.

Wall height /growth charts 40

Wall height /growth charts 41

And since the last day we talked about cuckoo clocks, in Pottery Barn Kids there’s a cute birdhouse height meter sticker.Wall height /growth charts 42

But rockstar babies have also some cool options to choose from.

Wall height /growth charts 43

I love the Kids Growth/Birth Chart that looks like an arrest board from Nippaz with Attitude. You can fill in the rap sheet, do the fingerprints, take yearly mugshots… The poster comes with an A4 size ‘Mugshot board’ featuring Johnny Cash’s arrest number. Is there anything cooler?Wall height /growth charts 44

And what about you? Have you bought any height chart? Which kind of height charts do you like the most?

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