Visit to Lulabu’s showroom

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom

Natalia from Lulabú received us in a beautiful modernist flat at Ravella’s street where she has settled a little showroom that you can visit until the 8th of June in Barcelona.

As you may remember we first mentioned Lulabú when we were looking for bandana baby bibs (watch post here).

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 28

In her showroom, apart from meeting her lovely side, she showed us her new collection made with absolutely exquisite fabrics. Some of them are really special, for example she showed us a vintage fabric from the 60s and other fabrics that she bought in England…It really looks like she picks very carefully all the prints.

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 29

And also she produces everything all by herself…This girl is a true artist and she is autodidactic! Both of us where amazed when she told us  how she started sewing since she was a little kid…A few days ago her mother showed her a hankerchief that she sewed when she was only 8 years old!

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 30

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 31

One of her latest works is a vintage bib made according to an old bib pattern that her mother used to have. Also she has new pacifier hangers.

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 32

And though she keeps on doing her packs (pacifier hanger+bib+bandana bib) she is starting to innovate with other accessories: belts, rubber bands…

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 33

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 34

Also she has started to work with a friend of hers, Jen, with a new line of products called Lúlabu leather and fabrics: a 100% lovely handmade collection that combines leather with beautiful fabrics. How did she came out with this idea? Well, nothing can surprise us more about Natalia…a friend of hers inherited some leather sewing machines and she didn’t know what to do with them…There she was Natalia to let herself go and follow her destiny…

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 35

We left the showroom really happy, she gave us a little bandana for Roser’s minimoi and to me she took measurements to make me a belt that I loved so much.

And there’s also something to you too…soon there will be a Lulabú’s giveaway…It’ll be spectacular so keep on following us!

Visit to Lulabu’s showroom 36

Showroom Lulabú

C/ Ravella nº 15 1º 1º. Until the 8th of June.

On-line shop: //

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