Tribute to Ingela

Tribute to Ingela

Today I want to share with you one of my latest discoveries: the wonderful illustrations and designs of Ingela P Arrhenius!

My obsession started a few days ago in the kmfamily showroom at The Grokstore (see here) when I fell in love with some fun and naïve objects very minimoi style.

¿Do you remember the colorful animal-faced dishes?

Tribute to Ingela 28

¿And what about some of the ABC posters at The Grokstore?

Tribute to Ingela 29

Well, guess what their alma mater is no other than this Swedish illustrator who loves the design of the 50’s and 60’s. So today we want to present you a brief selection of some of her artwork so that you can judge for yourself.

Tribute to Ingela 30

There are no boundaries to her creativity and by now, her illustrations have given birth to several products such as books…Tribute to Ingela 31

Kitchen towels and dish cloths…

Tribute to Ingela 32

Tribute to Ingela 33

Coffee mugs…

Tribute to Ingela 34

And even child tattoos to name a few…

Tribute to Ingela 35

It’s for sure not the last time you’ll hear about her so is there any better way to end up this post that with a “hello!”?

Tribute to Ingela 36

All images from Ingela P Arrhenius

Have a nice weekend!

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