Top Nativity Scenes for Kids

Top Nativity Scenes for Kids

This year I’ve made up my mind and for the first time I’ve decided I want to turn my house into a Christmas paradise (I guess the birth of my minimoi has something to do with that).

The only thing is that the small dimensions of my flat don’t make it easy and if I don’t want to drown under tones of socks and garlands I will have to be not only creative but also very practical. For this reason this is the first of a series of brief posts on Christmas original but practical decoration.

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Pesebre Matrioska en John Lewis (12GBP)/ Matrioska nativity John Lewis (12GBP)

My first findings have been on Nativity Scenes. Since we’ve got a little baby that climbs literally everywhere, it’s clear that our old ceramics Nativity is in serious danger. That’s why I’ve been looking desperately for a Nativity that she can bite and beat regularly.

First I’ve found these wooden traditional ones that are intended for kids at

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In Imaginarium they offer two options: a wooden version for kids +12 months and a marionnette-type one for 3-8 years.

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Playmobil’s nativity scene is already a classic that can be found at Amazon like this cool Charlie Brown version.

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For those who seek a more trendy option check out this colorful wooden nativity from Alexander Girard. And don’t forget Alessi’s Christmas must so-called “Presepe”. In my case I’m looking forward to a plastic version because the current porcelain one is out of my scope.

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But if any of these convinces you, there’s always the do-it-yourself option… Look how original is this cookie’s Nativity Scene. You can buy the molds at for around 10 euros or in for $9. The sweetest option for sure!

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And what about you? Do you already have a nativity scene at home?

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