Top Balance Bikes for Kids

Top Balance Bikes for Kids

As many people from my generation, I learned how to ride a bike in a red BH bike with 2 little wheels at the back. I don’t mean that the experience was bad, but I had to wait until I was tall enough to finally get to try this new sensation. Now with the new balance bikes, one can can ride freely and in a very natural and intuitive way from 2 years old.

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Balance bikes don’t have pedals, chains neither brakes. They are very stable and are considered to be the best first step to learn how to ride a real bike.

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In the last few years, there has been a balance bike boom, but I will only show you the ones I like the most: the wooden ones. I have selected some brands so that you can see what’s out there in the market.

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The first one is Early rider, a top of mind of these kind of bikes: very cool and with a design that reminds you of a motorcycle.

There are 3 different models: the lite one (lighter and from 20 months up), the classic one (with a lower gravity center and therefore more stable) and the evolution one (easier to manipulate but for elderly children from 3,5 years old).

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There are also the “natural bikes” a simple model but very efficient and designed in Spain; and the kiddimoto ones, with endless kinds of models, with all the colors and prints you can imagine.

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Finally, there is this brand called Goula, which I didn’t know anything of, but that Roser told me that was also very good. And it’s available on red which makes it even more fun (and more like my old red BH!)

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And that’s all… well, not all because there are infinite models and brands but I can’t put them all in one post… What about you, do you like these kind of bikes? Have you ever bought any of them?

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