Tipis or teepees for kids

Tipis or teepees for kids

A few days ago, Inés asked us about little indian huts for kids rooms. So today we will show you some nice tipis or teepees for kids rooms that are not only useful to play cowboys & indian but are also nice.

Look these dotted tipis! Aren’t they trendy?

Tipis or teepees for kids 22

Photo by Pikku Varpunen, Jen loves Kev all via Chic & cheap nursery

And what about the ones with stripes? They surely add a special touch to any monochrome room.

Tipis or teepees for kids 23

Photos by Restoration Hardware Baby and ChildSouthern Grace via Chic & cheap nursery, Original picture for kid playing in the room by Ish and Chi //www.ishandchi.com/2010/05/tepee.html

At the end you only need to find the right print for your room or garden!

Tipis or teepees for kids 24

Photo by Frank Features via decopeques & pinterest

Where can you get a tipi? Well one option is to DIY using one of the several tutorials on the net. But if you’re a bit lazy (like me), here are 3 shops that sell them:

Nathalie Lété

For indian inspired tipis check out Nathalie Lété coloured tipi (135€) or the beige one (98€) available at Bianca and Family.

Tipis or teepees for kids 25


The concept store Nobodinoz sold during Christmas three different tipis. I love the minimoi coloured one.

Tipis or teepees for kids 26

Moozle Home

Moozle home is the right shop if you’re looking for a customized tipi. You can check their collection at etsy and their website. The only bad thing is the price since they cost more than 150 euros.

Tipis or teepees for kids 27

Tipis or teepees for kids 28

Which one do you like the most?

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