Three little pigs

Three little pigs

HELP! My minimoi is obsessed with the Three Little Pigs tale! She keeps watching the youtube video over and over and it’s already been a month now!

If you’re also suffering from swine flu, here comes some piggy stuff….

Three little pigs 19

1- cherylasmith (14,17€), 2- Londji (15€), 3- Cocolocos Felt Design (20,02€), 4- crochAndi (26,8€), 5- So Simple So Sweet (11,02€), 6- akashic (35,4€)

Three little pigs 20

1- Wallpaper from Simone Massoni, 2- DexMex (30€), 3- PimPimlada (2,6€), 4- Pañales Easyfit

1- Botones Den Uartige Kat (3,94€), 2- Lifepieces, 3+4 – Pink Nounou, 5- Toy Pattern for DIY (4,5€)

Regarding clothing check out Monikako’s shirts tres cerditos moteros (16,41€) and aviadores (22,56€) and Niteowl’s appliques and Lilburritos onesie (19,7€).

Three little pigs 21

If you’re more into cooking, you can find a full apron like this and some yummy recipes like the one via my world for a cupcake.

Three little pigs 22

For us check out this purse from Claire’s (9,5$) and Oysho’s Christmas collection of socks los tres cerditos (10€), mask (7€) and polar socks (6€).Three little pigs 23

And finally don’t forget to “keep calm and carry on” ooops I mean “love pigs” like this poster from the Keep Calm shop.

Three little pigs 24

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