Think Small

Think Small

All of a sudden, one day you find yourself reading with devotion all the babies’ magazines of the market instead of your Vogue, Elle or Cosmopolitan. In that precise moment you realize there’s no turning back.

A brand new world opens in front of you. It’s the world of kid’s fashion, decoration, partying… and you love it!

That’s why you decide to start a blog like this one and share all of your little great discoveries with other people that like you are at this point of no return.

But in fact, apart from all these things what you want to share the most is that miniyou (or minimoi) that you’ve got inside. The minimoi that awakened with the birth of your special little one.

At the end, you’ve never forgotten that quote that moved you when you read for the first time The Little Prince: “Toutes les grandes personnes ont d’abord été des enfants “*. Because devoting some time to your minimoi it’s not only comforting but also absolutely necessary.

This blog goes for those that are not afraid of showing their minimoi to the world.

* All the great people have been kids before.

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