The perfect gift for her

The perfect gift for her

Today I want to share with you my letter to the three Wisemen. Because I imagine that when we say “I need some accessories” it can be as hard for them to decipher as when they say “some technology gadget will work, honey”.

The perfect gift for her 19

I love this bag from Maje, but why isn’t already on sale?

Let’s start with jewelry. I love Après ski necklaces,  circo‘s bracelets and Hoss belts.

The perfect gift for her 20

Regarding bags, check out the ones from Brussosa and D’lirio. If you need a more functional one to carry all of your kids’ stuff, your brand is Littlephant available at Kmfamily.

The perfect gift for her 21

And what about soaps? The ones from Olivia smell really good. And portuguese brand Claus wraps them in a beautiful and colorful packaging. You can find them all at “les topettes”.

The perfect gift for her 22

I also like the funny I-phone covers from Rabitto or a polaroid camera saved by “the impossible project”. And obviously I couldn’t forget to mention Grey’s trilogy phenomenon.

The perfect gift for her 23

If you’re a coffee addict Mr.Wonderful’s ready-to-go cup is great. For businesswomen Mia‘s bags and Malababa’s accessories are a very good choice. And finally this lovely shirt from An’ge at Philo (in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood).The perfect gift for her 24

Have you already prepared your letter to the wisemen?

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