The best of Little Barcelona (part one)

The best of Little Barcelona (part one)

As we already told you a few days ago, yesterday we finally went to Little Barcelona. The objective: to discover the new trends in children’s fashion and get to know better the designers who are behind the brands we love.

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 37

We will try to sum up all that impressed us the most, although it’s quite difficult to choose among all the nice and varied stands that we’ve found… We must admit we came back home really excited but exhausted at the same time.

That’s why the heading says “part one” because it will take more than one entry to sum up all that we saw in Little Barcelona.

The place

First we would like to mention where Little Barcelona took place, the FAD. This building is right in Barcelona’s city center and it’s not the usual fair premise. It has a special charm that worked very well with the look&feel of the exhibitors and turned the fair into something unique.

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“yporqué” Fashion show

We loved the fashion show of the little superheroes from the brand called yporqué. The children looked awesome and we specially liked the hooded jumpers with two holes for the eyes… great for true superheroes!

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 39

They also gave us a nice solidary cloth bag with some great presents inside… There was a wall sticker from Chispum, a beautiful cookie from Mr. Wonderful (I’m an absolut fan of these designers) and a CD with stories from Lali Rondalla. Ah! And the cupcakes were yummy!

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 40

Our favorite brands


Bee tú stand immediately caught our eye thanks to their bright colored t-shirts and their original concept. With beee tú t-shirts there’s no place for boredome because they include a little toy that your kid can stick to his tee or use for other less decorative purposes.

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 41

Anita, the friendly designer from Bee tú told us that she got inspired by her little child, who always wanted to take his toys everyhere with him so she had to invent something to make it possible.

We’ll keep you posted with their progresses!


In Búho we can find delicate cotton outfits in elegant colors. We specially liked the washed effect in some clothes, an effect that Inés (the designer) achieves by doing her own ink process. We also liked the original vintage touch of the stand with these beautfil old suitcases, and the pretty single piece dresses that look like separate t-shirt+skirt. The designer also told us that she sells some outfits at IVO&CO, an exquisite shop of the Born in Barcelona that we strongly recommend.

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 42

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 43


Tocotó Vintage‘s designer (Marta), told us that her son inspired her when choosing the brand name. When her little boy played with cars he repeated the words “tocotó, tocotó”. The vintage part of the name comes from her obession for vintage. This is reflected in her collection: impeccable, simple and with some special clothes such as “batista” shirts made from old vintage patterns. Good for tocotó!

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 44


Little Creative Factory is the “baby” of two architect mums that decided to start designing clothes without having any previous experience in fashion’s world. Who could have guessed that! Their hats are so cute and they look great on kids!

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 45

The little hats that made them “famous” are made from japanese clothes and are reversible. In it’s winter version, they have polar fabrics to make them more comfy and warm.

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 46


And for fashion addicts here comes Be lucky, with daring prints such as this leopard print which looks amazingly good on kids… Incredible but true. If you don’t believe me just check on their website catalogue. You’ll be surprised by their incredible combinations.

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 47


Girls from Petit Oh!! treated us very nicely and although we are already big fans of their brand we got surprised one more time by the good quality of their materials and their well known partner “Trumpette”, which we already presented you on the post “calcetines o botines“.

The best of Little Barcelona (part one) 48

And that’s all for today, in a few days we’ll be posting more info on Little Barcelona.

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