Swim diapers for babies

Swim diapers for babies

The first summer of my minimoi I must admit that I made some mistakes… Since I had a baby girl I got excited at the idea of seeing her wear nice swimsuits but after buying 4 in one of my compulsive shopping attacks I quickly realized that…

  1. Swimsuits are very complicated to put on so baby gets very angry
  2. They aren’t “leak-proof” so if you don’t put a diaper as well, you can consider yourself lucky if they keep dry for the picture
  3. They obviously get wet when you put the baby in the water so you have to take them off quickly to prevent baby from getting cold when out of the water (and he/she gets mad again)
  4. If you’ve put a diaper, you have to take it all off, in order to change it
  5. They usually aren’t UV-protected so you need to put a lot of sunscreen or a shirt on it

In conclusion I took some pictures and never used them again. Instead I bought her a UV-protected shirt (like the ones I talked about here) and disposable diapers.

Swim diapers for babies 7

These are the nice swmisuits I bought…

Till one day I discovered the reusable swim diapers which I prefer to the disposable ones because…

  1. They’re anti-leaks so the towel doesn’t get wet
  2. They look so cute, like a real swimsuit
  3. They’re ecological and cheap since you just have to buy one once and then wash it

The brand I bought was Swedish ImseVimse. I’m really happy with it because it’s very easy to put on and take off thanks to the side buttons. You can find them in Minimoi.


Kushies is another brand that you can find at Eurekakids.

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Images by Kushiesonline

At Decathlon there’s only the brand called “Arena” with two swim diapers in pink and blue. If you’re looking for more flashy prints, you should also check the brand called Mayo Parasol.


Mayo Parasol also offers some anti-UV and anti-leak shorts.


And at last in imaginarium they sell the brand called Aquanappies.


Did you know abour swim diapers? Do you like them or do you prefer the disposable ones?

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