Sweet Valentine’s day

Sweet Valentine’s day

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, the truth is that I’m more into Sant Jordi, but anyway I do like the idea of celebrating a special day with your couple, preparing something unexpected and romantic…
Sweet Valentine's day 25

The other day I bumped into a very curious book called “Love Injections” and I loved it because it wasn’t the typical cheesy thing since it showed original ideas to surprise your couple. Here come some nice examples that illustrate that love can also be creative.

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Sweet Valentine's day 27

Sweet Valentine's day 28

And, if you have a minimoi in the house, why don’t you just involve them in the preparation of a detail for dad or mum? One of the ideas that I love are the customizable cookies from Kukis which come with some markers or these candies that you can personalize with loving messages. Click here to see how to do the lollipops and the candy bag.

Sweet Valentine's day 29

If you prefer to buy a small present, here you have some ideas that can be inspiring… I love the “amor de padre” dress from Noñoño (it’s on sale right now). There are also presents for the babies: check this hearted diaper changer from Zara Home… so beautiful!

Sweet Valentine's day 30

Regarding sweet presents, we have these marvelous cakes from Florentinecupcakes and some hearted chocolates from Hoffmann’s bakery.

Sweet Valentine's day 31

You can also order this beautiful and customizable hearts frame on etsy, and the loving cookies from Mr. Wonderful or yummy cupcakes from Ilovemuffins.

Sweet Valentine's day 32

And finally to end with something even sweeter, I leave you with this beautiful ad… Sweet Valentine’s day!

Field Notes: Red Blooded from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

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