Sunglasses for babies

Sunglasses for babies

Last year, when my minimoi was 5 months old we had the great idea of going to the snow with her. We were looking forward to walk through a beautiful snowed forest with her sitting comfy on the baby wrap and try snow rackets for the first time. We had her baby snowsuit with detachable mittens and shoes, wooden hat, sunscreen… and all of a sudden I realized: she would need sunglasses as well!

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Photo by Maggie Pakulska-Kubiszewski

After so many times listening to people say that “sun reflects on snow are very dangerous for eyes and skin” I almost forgot! Luckily I realized on time to postpone the trip until we were fully equipped.

So I started my research once again and YES, babies do need to protect their eyes from the sun more than anyone. In fact only 27% of the parents take into consideration the importance of babies’ sunglasses.

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Which means that sunglasses are a perfect gift for babies! For sure anyone will have thought of it before (neither the parents). You’ll become the baby guru (or freak if you don’t explain their use well).

But don’t freak out! This doesn’t mean that babies should be wearing sunglasses every time they get out of the house (they could become photophobic). Sunglasses are intended for extreme conditions such as snow, the sea or swimming pools.

Top 5 features baby sunglasses should have:

  1. Certification from official organisms
  2. 100% UV protection
  3. Category 3 or 4
  4. Full coverage of their eyes
  5. Unbreakable or highly resistant

I checked in several optical stores and pharmacies but I wasn’t convinced so once again I found the solution on the net.

Baby Banz

This Australian brand is the worldwide leader on baby and kid’s sunglasses. Their sunglasses have 100% UV protection and are ranked as category 3. Glasses and frame are made of polycarbonate so they’re resistant but lightweight.

I finally bought this brand because I found them safe and comfortable at the same time. I was looking for sunglasses without temple arms and these have a neoprene elastic strap and an embedded silicone nose and brow piece for added comfort. They cost me around 17 euros.

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We discovered this brand two weeks ago at Little Barcelona. Their designs are cool and practical. Each sunny has a rounded and enveloping reversible frame that results in 2 sizes in 1 sunglass, depending on nose development.

They’re produced in hypoallergenic elastomer (no joint frame = 0 pinching and 0 movable part) for an optimal comfort.

These sunnies provide with maximum protection since their lenses are anti scratch and unbreakable of category 4 (100% UVA and UVB filter). When I decide to buy some sunglasses with temple arms I will be taking them into account. They cost around 23 euros.

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Julbo is a known ski sunglasses manufacturer. For babies they have the “Looping” model which can be worn on both sides.

Biboo de Imaginarium

They’re a copy from Baby Banz (category 3 as well) although they’re only available in blue and red and are more expensive (around 20 euros).

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This French brand has always very well designed and practical things. However their sunglasses don’t convince me 100%. But since variety is the spice of life I enclose some pictures so that you can judge for yourself.


They manufacture shades for kids from 2 years on. They’re category 4 and the cheapest: 9 to 11 €.

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Well, I think that now with this selection you have a good “vision” of the different sunglasses for babies. The second part is how to convince your kid to keep them on for a reasonable period of time! From my experience when the sun is strong enough they will leave them on naturally but if not these are my tricks:

  1. Positive reinforcement: Oh! You look so gorgeous! You look like your daddies…
  2. If he takes them off, you put them on over and over again… You have to repeat this operation till he understands that parents always win.

Good luck and enjoy your outdoor activities!

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