Stylish picnic

Stylish picnic

If there’s one thing I like from northern countries is their capability to take advantage of the thinest sunshine ray. I’ve always been astonished on how parks, gardens and fields get invaded by people when the sun comes out.

On the other hand, in Spain we’re so used to nice weather that we always take it for granted and we don’t make the most of it (a couple of cañas in a terrace are more than enough).

So one of my objectives for this year is to prepare an open air picnic (british-alike). In fact I don’t have neither a picnic basket, nor a blanket or nice light and unbreakable dishes. So, I promise to do some research on that and publish all of my findings.

For the moment, I leave you with these nice pics I’ve found. I will use them for sure as my picnic inspiration.

Let’s start with the first picture. I love the white and red squared blanket. It’s a classic, I know, but it looks great.

Stylish picnic 22

Images via Resourceful Cook

Next picnic looks like taken from a magazine shooting.

Stylish picnic 23

If you want to see more images don’t forget to visit the blog De Alma e Coração. This video is also from them:


For those who love details here come some ideas: colorful pillows, flower bouquets, paper lights and even decorated napkins (very pro).

Stylish picnic 24

Stylish picnic 25

Images via Inspiration for Home.

Stylish picnic 26

Image via Style Files.

And if you’re sea addicts, you can also prepare a nice picnic by the sea like these via Inspiration for Home.

Stylish picnic 27

I hope you enjoyed this selection and you also join the “picnic fan club”. It will delight for sure your minimois. Although with so many things to bring maybe I’ll end up needing a van…

Stylish picnic 28

Image via My Sparrow.

¡Happy weekend!

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