Solidarity gifts (Part II)

Solidarity gifts (Part II)

After the success of our first entry on Solidarity gifts for Christmas (here), today we present you the second part!

Ila Bogo – Fundación Theodora

Only during Christmas time, the profits of the sale of each umbrella will go entirely to Fundación Theodora.

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 16


The perfect ball to decorate your Christmas tree. The profits go to ALEPH-TEA organisation (for Autism).

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 17

Cajita solidaria Obra Social San Juan de Dios

These boxes might look empty although they contain a lot of things: 365 hugs, 1.000 “thanks”, 1kg of love,… Is there a better way to wrap gifts?

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 18

Cruz Roja

Check out all the toys and gifts at Cruz Roja! You’ll surely find some useful stuff…

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 19

Intermón Oxfam

Check out their initiative: “more than a gift”!

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 20

We hope that the three wisemen bring you plenty of presents!

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