Rugs for kids room

Rugs for kids room

Rugs for babies and kids rooms don’t necessarily have to feature animals and flowers or be made in pale colors.

Chek out this chevron rug from potterybarnkids, I love it!

Rugs for kids room 22

And what about dwellstudio rugs? They’re a bit expensive but so unique.

Rugs for kids room 23

I discovered this flower rug from dwellstudio in a documentary (design spong) from “Oh joy” blogger’s house. If you like the pattern you can also buy blankets, bed covers,…

Rugs for kids room 24

If you fancy multicolor rugs, check out the new collection at Zarahomekids. They’re not expensive at all. The rounded rug is from leçons de choses (on sale at smallable).

Rugs for kids room 25

For girls rooms check out this “grandma” style rugs from rosenberryrooms.

Rugs for kids room 26

And if you look for clouds, stars and soft colors at kidslovedesign you’ll find some nice items.

Rugs for kids room 27

And finally, now that ethnic style is a must, don’t forget to visit urban outfitters. These rugs don’t only fit in a child room but also in a living room as well.

Rugs for kids room 28

Have you found your ideal rug yet?

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