Reward charts or star charts

Reward charts or star charts

Yes, I admit it… I’m a fan of the TV series Supernanny in both the british and the spanish version. Even before having my minimoi I got addicted to the episodes where she turned a chaotic home into a peaceful oasis by only applying positive attention, praise and a few simple but clear rules.

So now I’m already practising some of her tricks and I have to say they work!

Something that I haven’t already tried are the Reward charts (that can be used with kids from 3 years old on).

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The idea is pretty simple. The Reward Chart is used to state the kid’s 4 or 5 behaviors you want to reinforce. You award stickers for good behaviour, and when your child has collected enough stickers you can reward him with a treat or an outing.

Depending on the age you can also remove a sticker from the chart when your child misbehaves, but it’s key to explain him why you are doing this, so he understands there are consequences for his bad behaviour. It’s also possible to create a shared chart for all the siblings so that they learn to work together towards the same objective.

You can download for free plenty of reward charts from the internet (i.e. here) and if you’re creative you can also DIY.

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Images by Jana Eubank

In my case since I’m not very much into crafts, it’s highly probable that I end up buying a reward chart like these ones from Baby Deli.

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By the way, they’re giving away 2 items till next week so if you’re interested just click on this link.

Have a nice weekend! On Monday we’ll be back with more info about Little Barcelona!

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