Reindeer clothes for kids

Reindeer clothes for kids

Santa Claus is over. This year Rudolph and his pals have the power and are the absolute superstars. Just have to see the madness around reindeer sweaters. Who dares to say now that Mark Darcy (from Bridget Jones’ movie) is a freak?

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Philip Lim’s sweater is totally sold out. Topshop and Louche London have created their own feminine versions.

D&G and Ralph Lauren have included reindeers all over their adult and junior winter collection.

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Regarding kids and baby clothing, in etsy there are hundreds of reindeer items: t-shirts, hats, jackets, trousers,…

We’ve also discovered an american brand called Le Top with two lines devoted to this cute animal: little deer & run run reindeer.

Converse and Stella McCartney have also done a personal reinterpretation of this trend.

There are even cute reindeer wall busts simulating hunting trophies!

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So if you’re looking for a present, reindeers are the sure bet! Just to mention a few there are reindeer cookies, Alessi’s reindeer incense burner, the IKEA swinging reindeer and Red’s Cross cute teddy reindeer for only 9€. Will you resist?

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