Puffs for kids

Puffs for kids

From all the furnitures, there’s one that always catches the eye of guests and children: the puff. But even though I always enjoy seating on them, I never considered seriously buying one for home.

Well not, until I discovered these ones from Polkaros.

Puffs for kids 31

So now I’m looking for the perfect puff: comfortable, fun and small enough to fit into my flat. That’s the reason why now I check all the tags of every puff that crosses my way.

Wesco is one of the brands I discovered “on the go” at my minimoi’s nursery school. They’re specialized in school furniture and apart from puffs have a wide range of resistant and safe furniture.

Puffs for kids 32

The puffs from P’kolino are fun and don’t take much space.

Puffs for kids 33

Like these ones with “ears” from Gegant.

Puffs for kids 34

Although if you want to have something that fits everywhere check these stacking puffs from be.

Puffs for kids 35

The highest customization is offered by mipuf. In their website one can find big soccer, basketball and tennis ball-like puffs where you can add the name you want.

Puffs for kids 36

Dutch brand Colorique designs nice and original shapes like these jeep and submarine that also look very comfortable.Puffs for kids 37

Design freaks will love Smarin stones. Don’t you think these pics are impressive?

Puffs for kids 38

And at last, if you don’t have space problems don’t forget these huge puffs from fatboy and buddabag.

Puffs for kids 39

Puffs for kids 40

Don’t you fancy a nap now?

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