Pregnancy picture ideas

Pregnancy picture ideas

Hi everyone! Well, today I’m entering my 39th week of pregnancy, which actually means that I’ll soon get rid of my huge bump to have an adorable minimoi instead 😉

I’m really looking forward to it, so prepare for a great amount of posts about sibling clothing and stuff. Nevertheless I also want to give my bump a proper farewell so today I’m going to show you some nice pregnancy and baby bump pics that have inspired me the last months.

Unfortunately, some of them came to me a little bit late so I couldn’t take any of the classical evolutional pictures of my bump…

I hope you enjoy them and keep visiting minimoi, because although I’ll be missing in action some days, my super sister will be posting a lot!

Pregnancy picture ideas 16

Photo by Betsy Marie Photography

Pregnancy picture ideas 17

Photo via Lacitos on the door

Pregnancy picture ideas 18

Photo by Tamara Sams

Pregnancy picture ideas 19

Photo via Pinterest from Momtog

Pregnancy picture ideas 20

Photo by Jennifer Strain

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