Original picnic baskets

Original picnic baskets

A few days ago I told you that I was determined to organize a picnic with friends and minimois. In this post we shared some inspirational pictures of stylish picnics and I promised to do some research about picnic accessories.

So well, today it’s time for picnic baskets and sets!

Let’s start with classical baskets. They’re beautiful but expensive as well. You can find them in online shops such as The Well Appointed House (around 150 and 300$) and Eurocosm (pink basket costs 93,08€).

Original picnic baskets 19

If you love traditional baskets but you want to add a distinct touch, check out this red tea picnic tin for two from Oliver Bonas.

Original picnic baskets 20

While if you’re thinking of walking around with your basket, you’d better look at these backpacks from French Bull and The Pink Monkey.

Original picnic baskets 21

For more insulated picnic sets check out in Gelert and World Market.

Original picnic baskets 22

And for cool guys there will always be Bento boxes from Plastica Shop and the glamourous bag from Even Sisters for drinks.

Original picnic baskets 23

As you might imagine I haven’t made up my mind yet… So, if at the end I don’t decide, there will always be the picnic toy set from Janod that comes with a Vichy-print blanket!

Original picnic baskets 24

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