Oeuf nyc: fun clothing

Oeuf nyc: fun clothing

At minimoi we don’t usually write posts just for one brand, but in this case, with Oeuf nyc we are going to make an exception. This is because we are in love with its new winter collection: it combines perfectly fun clothing with quality fabrics and great taste. Also, as they say on their website, each piece is made with 100& baby alpaca, and is Fair Trade for the benefit of Bolivian artisans that make them.

And now that Halloween is so close, we also found many funny accessorizes to disguise your minimoi in a very “chic” way.

Oeuf nyc: fun clothing 16

Check this selection of masks and animal tails…so cute!

Moustache fashion seems to still be trendy…And “animal trend “too, at oeuf nyc they have these cute ears sweaters.

Oeuf nyc: fun clothing 17

I wish I could wear one of these gloves too, check this manicure ones, I think I saw them at Nobodinoz… I really want them!

Oeuf nyc: fun clothing 18

What do you think about this ray outfit? I find it all so beautiful.

Oeuf nyc: fun clothing 19

In general all clothing from oeuf nyc is so delicate and original at the same time…so sweet, just like this sweater with glove pockets. I wish they did this one for adults too!

Oeuf nyc: fun clothing 20

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