My first gift

My first gift

One of the first gifts I remember isn’t a gift that I received but one that I gave to another person.

That other person was my sister, and I clearly remember how thrilled I was when I went to the 5 dime store around the corner and I bought her a Hello Kitty rubber set.

I thought it was the perfect gift, because they weren’t simple rubbers, they also formed a strange puzzle.

It didn’t cost me much money but for me it was a valuable gift, and that’s why I kept it with caution inside my closet’s drawer until the day I gave it to her.

When I gave it to her I wanted so badly that she opened it and used those precious rubbers immediately…In her place, I would have done it in a minute, and as clumsy as I was by then, in a few days I wouldn’t have left any trace of that poor Hello Kitty.

But my sister was different, she liked them so much that she kept them carefully in her box, waiting for the best moment to use them…or maybe not, maybe she only wanted to observe them, because they were so pretty that she didn’t want to spoil them just to erase caligraphic mistakes or bad drawings.

Well, after so many years, the rubbers still there: intact, spotless, perfect as the first day (and at our parents’ home, and they don’t know what to do with them after all these years) Here you can see them (see picture below):

My first gift 4

When I see that, two thoughts come to my mind:

One is that when you give someone a gift with lots of illusion, you receive the same feeling from the other…And two: Please Roser, tell me: when are you finally going to use the rubbers?!

And finally, I leave you with this beautiful ad from John Lewis Department store. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE MINIMOI!!!


What was the first gift you remember to have given? Come on! Don’t be shy and leave us your comments!

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