Mustache Kids

Mustache Kids

As many of you may know, the mustache trend is on fire…There are mustaches everywhere: in mugs, pillows, accessories, clothes…

The mustache-mania has reached the kid’s fashion too so let’s see a selection of mustache stuff that we like.

Mustache Kids 16

At “le cerise sur le gateau” they have many mustache-themed stuff, for example this cute dodou. We also found these baby blankets at an etsy shop called little hipsqueaks. And for the little ones this fun onesie from handsome howard and these tiny shoes from pleasantlyplumpknits.

Mustache Kids 17

We also found this cool shop at etsy called “mama runs with scissors” where they have t-shirts with mustache stitched made of different fabrics.

Mustache Kids 18

In this selection we can see mustache pendants, one from accessorize and the wooden one is from “le petit pot”. From “la cerise sur le gateau” as we said, there is also this funny baby bib and this pillow with several mustache categories.

Mustache Kids 19

These chocolat lollipops from chocolat factory are a nice little treat, and so it is this cool watch from Asos.

I really love this “le moustache” shirt, it’s a pitty that it’s completely out of stock…Luckly there is this “bon jour” shirt from River Island that you can still buy at Asos.Mustache Kids 20

At Tiger’s you can find many mustache things, for example these socks. And how funny is this pillow from blablablakids!

If you like mustache fashion it is easy to have something mustache; here you have an easy DIY to make your own mustache mug.

Vive la moustache!

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