Modern and cool playhouses

Modern and cool playhouses

Some time ago, I shared with you the obsession with playhouses that I have since childhood. In fact, I wrote about traditional wooden playhouses in this entry (here).

But there are also some cool and modern options that seem to be designed by some celebrity architects. Apart from sophisticated and safe they are said to be extremely resistant. What is for sure is that they will catch the eye of both kids and adults.

Modern Playhouse

At the moment they offer 4 minimalist and easy to assemble models (no more than 15 minutes required) manufactured following high ecological standards. Modern and cool playhouses 28

Modern and cool playhouses 29

Modern and cool playhouses 30

Puzzle model is extremely easy to assemble since it doesn’t even need screws. You can keep it folded if you don’t have much space.

Modern and cool playhouses 31

All the models come in natural wood color except from Dacha that can be ordered in 5 different colors.

Smart Playhouse

These houses are authentic pieces of design work inspired by contemporary architecture. Most of their models are available in different sizes and some of their smaller versions can be used indoors.

Modern and cool playhouses 32

Modern and cool playhouses 33

The Kyoto model is inspired by Japanese avant-garde architecture. It will definitely look familiar to you because it’s one of their most popular models.

Modern and cool playhouses 34

Modern and cool playhouses 35

Illinois playhouse reminds me a lot of Mies van der Rohe style. In fact, this architect designed the popular Farnsworth house in Illinois… Is it a coincidence?

Modern and cool playhouses 36

Do you like these avant-garde options or do you prefer the traditional playhouses?

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