Modern cuckoo clocks

Modern cuckoo clocks

Another of my childhood memories is the weekends we spent at the mountains. We used to arrive home late at night after a long trip, sleepy and wearing pajamas from Barcelona. The house was always freezing but we never complained because a great treasure awaited us: the cuckoo clock.

It was the typical wooden house, nothing extraordinary although for me it was the most precious thing on earth. I could spend hours contemplating it.

Then we grew old and one day it lost its privileged location in the living room and ended up somewhere in the storage room. But the other day it came back to my mind and I thought: why not buying a cuckoo clock for my own house?

So here you have the results of my research: modern cuckoo clocks.

Modern cuckoo clocks 34

One of the most known design brands is Diamantini et Domeniconi (which is quite expensive indeed).

Modern cuckoo clocks 35

In these websites Cérises sur la deco and Momento Italia one can find several cuckoo clocks quite expensive but with modern features such as the automatic (and helpful) disconnection of cuckoo sound at night.

Modern cuckoo clocks 36

In the case of the KooKoo BirdHouse model, you can even choose from 12 different real bird sounds and pick the desired volume.

Modern cuckoo clocks 37

There are clocks with different shapes, even book alike for a better camouflage on the bookshelf:

Modern cuckoo clocks 38

Modern cuckoo clocks 39

Looking for cheaper options I’ve found this sticker with wall clock KU which looks like a cuckoo clock.

Modern cuckoo clocks 40

Although if you’re only looking for decorative items and not real clocks check this vertbaudet sticker out:

Modern cuckoo clocks 41

For the crafting experts we could write several posts… But at the moment I leave you with these wonderful fabric birdhouses and paper cuckoo clocks that you can find here.

Modern cuckoo clocks 42Modern cuckoo clocks 43
Tech addicts also have their gadget: don’t miss Birdbox which turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an alarm clock.

And last but not least the perfect cuckoo clock for my hunter friend Carlos and his sweet wife Sarah: cucucomics…

Modern cuckoo clocks 44

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