Minimoi’s summer exercise book

Minimoi’s summer exercise book

Do you remember the boring exercise books that we all had to do during summertime when we were kids? I always thought that they killed our creativity…plus in summertime, when kids are more creative than ever!

That’s why we want to present you some creative ideas that you can do with your minimoi…Ok, some of them are a little bit for grown-ups but they are so cool!

Minimoi's summer exercise book 19

Let’s start with a summer classic which reminded us our follower Sara in the post “my first gift”: we are talking about painted stones.

They are so much fun! Here you have some ideas that we’ve found on the internet. Will you try them?

Minimoi's summer exercise book 20

Another summer diy classic are seashell necklaces, but look at these ones! They look so different by adding some paint on them!

Minimoi's summer exercise book 21

I also like these two more sailor-like, the one on the left made with baker’s twine is so simple and elegant, and the one on the right reminds me of a fisherman’s net.

Minimoi's summer exercise book 22

How about updating a little bit the classic friendship bracelets by adding some chains and sparkles?

Minimoi's summer exercise book 23

Finally I wanted to mention how funny are water tatoos. Look at these ones from Tattly! they are so cool, and you can even use them to decorate your notebooks..good idea!

Minimoi's summer exercise book 24

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