Minimúsica: a very cool present

Minimúsica: a very cool present

All the babies should have a cool uncle. In my case this uncle was Josep: an endless traveller that always brought great presents from far and exotic destinations.

When I listen to Manel’s song “Boomerang” it reminds me of him and his awesome gifts: a coloured jersey, a bag with arms and legs, a Tibetan bell, a bird that came back when thrown, a sheriff’s plaque with my name on it, an anime t-shirt, some Chinese sticks, a necklace with my name in hieroglyphics,…

In the case of my daughter, all the aunts and uncles are great but if one had to be the most “indie” this would be our brother Joaquim.

Because, who bought her a Rockefella shirt when she was 3 months old? Who is dreaming of taking her to the kids section of Primavera Sound? And, who else would have thought of buying a year old girl a minimúsica CD?

For those that don’t know minimúsica, it’s an educative project intended to generate artistic and musical interest on kids. They organize concerts, create kids playing zones in festivals such as Primavera sound and Gardens of Cap Roig, edit books and unconventional music CD’s for the little ones.

Till now they’ve launched two musical CD’s called: food and transportation. I’ve got the second one that contains 10 songs in Catalan, Spanish and English by: Me&The Bees, Viva Ben-Hur, Evripidis & his Tragedies, Za! and Mujeres. Each CD contains a beautifully designed booklet with the lyrics.

Minimúsica: a very cool present 7

Minimúsica: a very cool present 8

Don’t expect to find versions of the traditional kid’s songs (there’s even a rap). Undoubtedly, an original gift that will delight the most indie-alternative kid’s (and parents).

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