Minilooks: Miss Golightly & Cherry Blossom Girl

Minilooks: Miss Golightly & Cherry Blossom Girl

We present you our new section “Minilooks from Minimoi!”

In this section we will choose different looks that we like and we will try to imitate them by making it’s child version, so that your minimoi can keep up with the latest trends.

Miss Golightly’s minilook

Our first Minilook choice is a classic…The clothes that Audrey Hepburn wore during the famous singing scene at Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The truth is that this look is astonishing because of its simplicity and elegance: blue jeans, a grey hoodie, black ballerina shoes and a guitar…Who needs more?

Minilooks: Miss Golightly & Cherry Blossom Girl 7

For this look we have made this fun outfit: some jeans from Finger in the Nose, an ESP N1 hoodie and some baby bloch ballerinas…Well and this beautiful ukelele from Olivelse.

The Cherry Blossom Girl’s Minilook

We love this fashion blogger’s style…She always has this french-vintage touch in her clothes, and knows well how to mix it. A good example of it is this elegant and easy to imitate look: a stripped t-shirt, beige skirt and red bag.

Minilooks: Miss Golightly & Cherry Blossom Girl 8

In its minimoi version we have found this stripped sweater from H&M, a Kiabi skirt and this minibag (very “chanel-like”) from Claire’s. Isn’t it a very simple and yet glamorous outfit?

If you wish to suggest any minilook we are open to it!, well unless it’s a Snooki minilook…

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