Maps for kids

Maps for kids

My new obsession are map prints…It all started when I bought a map fabric at Black Oveja’s shop.

I covered a boring chair with it and the result was amazing! If you like the fabric you can also find it at Ribes&Casals (Barcelona).

Maps for kids 19

But maps also look good in wallpapers for kid’s rooms, like this one from bloomingpapers or this removable wallpaper from thewallstickercompany.

Maps for kids 20

I really like the room on the left, with all these maps sticked all together and these globe lamps.

Maps for kids 21

I also like this customizable sticker from stencilbarcelona with your kid’s names on it.

Maps for kids 22

If you just like to have a little “map touch” in your room you can choose these nice lamps at Etsy (NaturallyHeartfelt and MakeHayDesign).

Maps for kids 23

Want to try a DIY? Check this beautiful drawer covered with paper maps.

Maps for kids 24

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