Little dinosaurs

Little dinosaurs

Boys clothing isn’t very inspiring to me and frankly, I find it hard to find boy’s outfits that really catch my attention, I don’t know if it’s because I’m too girly or because boy’s fashion is more traditional than girl’s fashion…

At last I have found something that I really like for a boy: dinosaurs clothing! Yes, it’s a little bit nerd I know, but I really like this retro dinosaur style, I think it’s really fun!

Little dinosaurs 25

Let’s start with a very easy to customize garment: kid’s hoodies. In this tutorial they explain you how to add little felt pieces to their hood to make them look more dinosaur-like. If you are not on the mood for sewing you can always buy them at Elledesign shop(etsy).

Little dinosaurs 26

Our friend “Stella” offers us this supercool t-shirt and at sgt smith you have the chance to personalize your child’s t-shirt with his name transformed into a dinosaur species (for example: Charliesaurus).

Little dinosaurs 27

I also liked these Toms dinosaur shoes and these funny flip flops that leave dino footprints from Nobodinoz.

Little dinosaurs 28

Babies can also dress with dinosaurs: check this supercute onesies! I specially like these from thecoinlaundry and happyfamily. I also love this Cath Kidston bib because I’m a huge fan of Cath Kidston’s designs.

Little dinosaurs 29

You can even go to sleep wearing dinosaurs! I like this pyjamas and book kit from Neiman Marcus and this great pyjamas from H&M.

Little dinosaurs 30

Girls want to dress with dinosaurs too!! The one on the right is made of vintage fabric and you can buy it at Lazerbabyvintage (etsy).

Little dinosaurs 31

Oh! and they look so good as decoration! And that’s it with dinolove…

Little dinosaurs 32

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