Letters girl

Letters girl

I have to say that I’m a letters’ girl… not only for professional reasons but also because I’ve always loved them. Alphabetical letters are used to express things but they can also be aesthetic and very beautiful on their own.

When I first saw in a deco magazine how letters could turn into a good decoration element I didn’t wait much to get them into my house.

Letters girl 25

These were our first letters: home. I found them in a tinny shop in Barcelona called LU-INK. It was love at first sight: they were so perfect, so stylish and painted on wood in my favorite color!

After this experience I have discovered many other places in the house where I can put letters. As you can see they fit anywhere, but especially in children’s bedrooms, as this magnificent alphabet from aworkingprogressgifts (etsy).

Letters girl 26

And this isn’t all, I think it’s beautiful to decorate your child’s bedroom with his name with all kinds of letters: wooden letters, letters on posters, bunting letters… Let’s see some good examples.

Letters girl 27

First I really like these graphical compositions of letters that look like alphabets with the baby’s names hidden on them. These are from madebygirl and pennypaperco.

Letters girl 28

Letters girl 29

I also like these wooden letters. Some are really adorable because they are handpainted and they are unique designs: poshdots and myadornables.

Letters girl 30

These letters made of clothes are also cute and I love the fact that they hang from a tree branch (maybe my obsession for trees in children’s rooms has something to do with that).

Letters girl 31

What about these bunting letters? Aren’t they nice? (they’re from redenvelope)

Letters girl 32

I hope this post has inspired you and will encourage you to decorate your children’s bedrooms or your houses with lots of letters!

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