Kids also wear studded clothing

Kids also wear studded clothing

Studs are one of those small details that can totally transform any look, if you are bored of your old jean shirt you just have to add some studs and tadá!! You’ll have a brand new one.

For minimoi there are also some studded outfits, not many but some, and most of them are at Zara.

For her

At Zara we found this cute black dress that I found thanks to Kathy (who bought it for her little daughter Andrea) and also this peplum top with little studs on it.

Kids also wear studded clothing 22

I really like studded shirts, specially this one that combines two trends in one: militar and studs. The jean studded shirt is already a classic, and studded jeans look really well too.

Kids also wear studded clothing 23

At Etsy we found this shop called Des and lu that sells vintage pieces with studs, and they are so cool. Take a look at this peter pan collar shirt, it looks so cute and punk at the same time.

Kids also wear studded clothing 24

For him

It looks like woodcutter shirts with studs are really trendy for boys. At Zara they have these red and purple (available for babies). They would look so nice combined with this grey skinny jeans!

Kids also wear studded clothing 25


Some people prefer using studs only for accessorizing, so here you have a selection of sneakers, belts and boots…All of these are from Zara.

Kids also wear studded clothing 26

I especially like these beige ballerinas with golden studs, and the good news is that they also have them in adult sizes! But what I really really like are Ash Kids shoes…Check this beautiful boots and sneakers…And some of them you can buy them for yourself as well!

Kids also wear studded clothing 27


For those who like DIY, you can also buy some converse sneakers and stick them some studs. In this link from Honestly WTF you can find a very useful DIY tutorial. And if you want to copy Gwen Steffani’s son look, in this website you can buy the classic black studded belt. So cool!Kids also wear studded clothing 28

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