I’m drooling: Bandana baby bibs

I’m drooling: Bandana baby bibs

The first time I saw a baby wearing a bandana bib I thought…wow! How fashionable is that baby! Then I asked his mother about the funny accessory and she told me that the real use for that was so that the kid didn’t drool on the clothes; his teeth were coming out and he couldn’t stop drooling.

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Although I have still haven’t found the right moment to give a baby a bandana bib (my niece almost had all of her teeth when I discovered them) I have always thought that when I’ll have kids they are all going to wear bandanas bibs! They won’t get dirty, plus they won’t suffer from skin irritation caused by the drooling.


At pequesguapos they have many cute designs. Apparently it’s founder discovered them on a trip at Sweeden (the bib’s fashion is very extended there) and started selling bandana baby bibs designed and produced in Sweeden.

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We already talked about kiwisac in the Maternity Bags post and we are glad to know that they also have bandana bibs…The prints combination is so original!

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These bandana bibs are very elegant, with soft colours such as grey , brown…and their fine prints. We also like the “gift packs” including pacifier hanger, bandana bib and baby bib. Some of them have velvet on the inside and a click button.

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You can buy them at their on-line store or if you live in Barcelona at Green Wood shop (C/ ravella 2).


This Etsy store has amazing bandana bib designs and since Baby Talk magazine published a review about them they have received lots of orders.

And It’s no surprise, because they are wonderful…Let’s see if some of their prints reminds you of something…We posted it recently in another minimoi entry.

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Another etsy shop with beautiful prints; I specially like the robot one and the forest animals one.

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Did you already know about bandana baby bibs? Do you drool when you see them?

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