Girl’s shoes

Girl’s shoes

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked about fashion so in today’s post we’re gonna fix that! Winter sales have already started which means that now is the right moment to buy those things that you considered unnecessary a few months ago at the shop but kept coming back to your mind over and over.

In my “to buy on sales” list there are undoubtedly cool shoes for my minimoi. So I’ve done a research on girls’ shoes that will add a trendy touch to their outfits.

Let’s start with glitter shoes: the absolute trend this year. If you only had to buy a pair of shoes it wouldn’t certainly be these ones but since they appear in every fashion magazine here you’ve got several interesting models.

Girl's shoes 16

Regarding black & white trend, the brand of the funny socks we presented you here (Trumpette) have some silly-soles Todd’s alike. Zara also offers two lady models for preppy girls.

Girl's shoes 17

Another season’s must is the animal print. They’re a little bit flashy so it’s recommendable to combine them with discrete clothes in order not to shock grandmas.

Girl's shoes 18

And last, don’t forget boots. Zara’s look warm and very trendy. I would buy them for me as well!

Girl's shoes 19

Hanna Andersson’s are fun and look perfect for snow. In H&M there are some clones of UGG’s, Kicker’s and minnetonka’s. I have to say that I’ve bought the cheap H&M minnetonka’s for my daughter but she keeps losing them so I don’t use them for everyday wear.

Girl's shoes 20
Ah, and now that I’m talking about UGG it reminds me of a fun advert…

Well, that’s all for today! Only one question, do you dare to buy your minimoi’s shoes on sale for next year?

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