Gift ideas: Traditional toys

Gift ideas: Traditional toys

We’ve recently got some enquiries on original gift ideas. Since we’ve been talking about clothing quite a lot, today it’s time for toys. Obviously not common toys, but those original little treasures that you want to keep for life.

Now one can find cute, educative and traditional toys at an affordable price just a click away (no need to go to any of the big toy chains). In fact, one of our recent discoveries has been the site Los pequeños Monstruos specialized in wooden educative toys.

So today I’ll show you two items that I’ve got from this site and that my 2 year-old minimoi loves.

The first one is a beautiful tin kaleidoscope. I must admit that it was me (instead of my daughter) who fell in love with it at first sight because it brought me some happy childhood memories.

I don’t know why but kaleidoscopes are one of those simple objects that have the power to make you dream. This one costs 9,77 euros.

Gift ideas: Traditional toys 13

The second gift idea is what I call a “treasure box” that contains 6 games for a 1 to 2 year old minimoi. The box can be used as a bench itself but it’s small enough to be stored easily in the minimoi’s room (it’s only 37 x 20 x 23 cm).

Gift ideas: Traditional toys 14

The good thing is that the 6 games are intended for different ages. In our case we haven’t showed her all of the items at once. We’ve hidden the most difficult ones so that she doesn’t get too frustrated.

Gift ideas: Traditional toys 15

Gift ideas: Traditional toys 16

It costs 48,4 euros, a very good value for money taking into account the large amount of small presents it contains. In fact, what you can do is to offer each of the games at different occasions (birthday, Christmas, Easter,…).

I hope that you’ve liked these two present ideas. Have a nice week!

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