Funny gadgets for mealtime

Funny gadgets for mealtime

If the traditional “plane game” to get your kids to eat doesn’t seem to work anymore and you want your children to enjoy eating again here come some fun gadgets that will catch their eyes and make them open their mouths again.

First of all, there’s the 2.0 plane game by Fred’s, a rubber plane that sticks to your fork or spoon, helping you out playing the game in a more realistic way.

Funny gadgets for mealtime 22

Also from Fred’s is FoodFace, a funny face dish that you can decorate with the most varied ingredients. The result is amazing! You would have never imagined that your child would end up loving broccoli in his dish!

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There’s another weird gadget, maybe more recomendable for grown-ups: the Ketchup Gun. At first sight it looks quite scary, because it reminds you of a detergent commercial about impossible stains…but at the same time it’s something you wish you had had when you were a little child so, why not? Please always use under adult supervision.

Funny gadgets for mealtime 24

And what about this? The cherry chomper…Although it has quite a limited use…don’t you think it’s cute? Moreover, if it makes the kids eat more fruit, even better! On the website it says it can also be used for cherry cakes, but I don’t see myself using it for that pupose…

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Also, there’s this puzzle tray, a brilliant idea to keep your child busy putting things in its place while you feed him. 2×1! He eats without causing trouble and at the same time learns how to be tidy.

Funny gadgets for mealtime 26

And finally, for the smallest ones, this set of bowl, glass and apron frog-like by Ikea. Very cute and practical: the bowl has a suction pad that sticks to the table to prevent it from falling, also it has the shape of the baby’s nose so that he can drink without having to turn his head back…¡These swedish are genius!

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1. Airfork one (10$) 2.Condiment Gun (25$) 3. Food Face (10$) 4.Puzzle tray (40€) 5.Cherry Chomper (9,10$) 6.MATA servicio de mesa (1,99€).

I hope you liked this post, we’ll keep on investigating…

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