Flag kids

Flag kids

The Union Jack has been a trend during many years, but it seems to me that the olympic games have contributed to make it ever more fashionable.

At first I was a little bit reluctant because I can’t imagine a little boy wearing the spanish flag and being trendy so why should it look better on some other’s country flag? Well, I have to admit that the colors and the lines of the Union Jack are cooler and although I’m not convinced at all, there are some fun outfits that make me ask myself…why not?

Let’s start with this skull t-shirt from IKKS kids…pas mal.

Flag kids 16

At Gap’s they have many Union Jack t-shirts, some of them look a little bit like souvenirs, but others like the dinosaur ones are really cool.

Flag kids 17

I also found this brand called Oh Baby london and I fell in love with these funny onesies and t-shirts with an olympic medal print.

Flag kids 18

These t-shirts from zara kids are beautiful too, I can perfectly picture them with some jeans and converse trainers.  Regarding converse, do you like this limited olympics edition?

Flag kids 19

And for those who are completely crazy about the Union Jack here we have this “keep calm and carry on” poster, this ultra-shinny pillow from Zara home and these baby rocker outfits.

Flag kids 20

Do you like this Union Jack trend? Or do you prefer spanish uniforms for the olympics ( they are hideous!)

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