DIY for kids

DIY for kids

The other day I was talking with Laura from blog Lauralicious and told me she was looking for some DIY to do with her son Eric.

So today we present you some DIY ideas so that you can decorate your home with letters like we suggested here while having some fun with your kids.

Cardboard letters

At Cluck Cluck Sew they give us a great idea for very young minimoi (suitable for 3 year-old kids). You only need to cut a letter (you can use a shoe cardboard box) and paste all that you can find.

DIY for kids 28

DIY for kids 29

Letters with washi tape

You can also use washi tape to cover the letters (we presented washi tapes here).

DIY for kids 30

DIY via Little Hannah

Volume letters

You can also buy wooden letters and cover them with whatever you want. Another idea are fabric tapes (even more resistant than washi tapes and on sale at paramamis).

Check out the tutorial from Taller de las cosas bonitas:

DIY for kids 31

Adhessive letters

Don’t miss out the tutorial from My sister’s suitcase if you want to create stickers:
DIY for kids 32

With the same technique you can also create a cool picture (more details here).

DIY for kids 33

DIY for kids 34

Anyway for a proffessional result, you can join the workshops organized by 100% made with love or order directly one of their cute customized letters.

DIY for kids 35

DIY for kids 36

Have a nice weekend

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