DIY: blackboards

DIY: blackboards

Now that I’m pregnant I need desperately a nice blackboard to take evolution pics of my bump. Since I haven’t found an original blackboard to display the weeks of pregnancy I’ve finally decided to do it myself.

DIY: blackboards 16

DIY: blackboards 17

My objective: to create a similar blackboard to the ones featured here:

DIY: blackboards 18

At the moment I’ve bought a a nice frame, some blackboard painting (you can find it in different colors), a paint brush and a marker for blackboards (the one from Ordning&Reda can be washed and is cleaner than chalk).

DIY: blackboards 19

It looks easy… I’ll tell you if I finally succeed with this DIY…

DIY: blackboards 20

If not, I can always paint a wall and do some drawings in it!

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