Design tables for kids

Design tables for kids

I’ve been thinking of buying a table for my minimoi for a while. She’s now 19 months old and is starting to draw her first artworks so I’ve thought of devoting some space as her “creative corner” to guarantee that the whole flat doesn’t end up becoming her “atelier”. Although I know I’ll end up buying a cheap and simple plastic table, I’ve surfed several design furniture sites just to dream a little bit.

One of the brands I’ve discovered is Buisjes En Beugels. This Dutch brand sells a wide range of kids’ furniture like the INSEKT Bureau and the Growing Table (which evolves with your minimoi). The Growing Table has some holes in its base that can be used to insert some accessories (no more pencils rolling down the table).

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Shibafu Table is a design by Emmanuelle Moureaux. It’s not really a child table (impossible to put the legs under it) but it will for sure delight the most little ones with the effect of the colored feet on the acrylic base.

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But if there’s something that kids love is to play with lights and shadows. People from Verpan know it well so they’ve created the Ilumesa that can also be used outdoors.

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Images via crecebebe

Designers with weird names are a sure bet… Check out these “Amazon trees” or the table with holes that turn a simple pencil into a decorative element.
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Images via latindeco

Another brand to bear in mind is the American Offi that sells from chalkboard and foam tables to reeditions of design classics.

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Old school fans can now choose between the modern reviewed version by knelt or the retro version by Ma pétite série déco while recycle freaks will be delighted by the cartboard Krooom table.

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Images via minimoda

And finally check out the fun Daily Shelter for grown up kids that can be used either as a table or as a playhouse.

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Images via cosas de peques

Do you stick to the plastic classics or are you more into a design table?

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