Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

If you still haven’t written your letter to the Three Wisemen, here you have some inspirational ideas for your favourite wiseman to know (now that you still have time to ask for some gifts). Because the Three Wisemen are wise but not fortune-tellers… So why not make things easier and give them some clues on the presents you would like to get?

Be careful because if you don’t tell them what you wish you can find yourself looking at a freak “Yes we wood watch“, and asking yourself: why me? What did I do wrong to get this? (my husband knows what I’m talking about…).

Christmas gift ideas 19

But please, don’t be angry at the Three Wisemen… Some people get mad at them for no reason, like this woman from Huelva, who reported the police that Baltasar (my favourite) throwed a candy right to her eye…

Christmas gift ideas 20


Christmas gift ideas 21

First I reccomend you to visit Rock01baby shop, where you can find real beauties like this stripped t-shirt.

And what about a Wooden bike from BIT? I love the design so fashionable and fun.

Another original idea is music cds from Baby deli with instrumental versions for kids from artists such as U2 or Michael Jackson.

Finally this Mr. Happy book from the famous book’s Collection Mr Men and Little Miss.


Christmas gift ideas 22

For little girls, you can find these fashionista boots called Minnetonkas. They first became popular on its adult version thanks to many celebrities who started to wear them.

Look at this beautiful dress from Dominique ver eecke, with a vintage style print, that reminds me of an old colouring book.

Cardboard houses have been a true discovery this year (we will tell you more in the next post).

I also wanted to mention this perfume: Bvlgari Petits et mamans because it smells so good… Both you and your minimoi can use it!


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Finding a gift for a man isn’t easy, we women, are happy with anything: bags, jewellery, shoes or clothes but they are different.

Technology is a good option, but sometimes it is so hard for us to really understand it ( I get lost only by reading the heading of one of the “tech blogs” that my husband usually reads: new untethered for jailbreak 5.01?? wtf!)

To make our lives easier here comes the “freak tech gadget!”: check this funny speakers from Fred’s or this cool ICADE to play arcade games with your I-pad.

There are also surprising gifts such as these figurines from Littletú, you only have to bring your man’s photo and they make you a little resin figurine that looks just like him.


Christmas gift ideas 24

Have you ever seen such a glamorous coffe mug? When you can’t have Tiffany’s… at least you can always enjoy Fred’s.


Another of my current season’s obsession are Peter Pan collars like this from Etsy (Myoung-ju kim). It can cheer up even your most boring jersey!

Bear also in mind these About Arianne boots. They’re quite expensive but considering they make part of limited edition… Wiseman: you can find them at Philo (Gracia neighbourhood in Barcelona).

I also included a Cd from Manel (a music band from Barcelona) because I love it and because it’s one of the few that is worth buying (and not downloading!) these Christmas.

If you want to check how good Manel are I recommend you to watch this video from a song called Aniversari. I hope the Three Wisemen bring you all you wish for this next year!


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