Christening party ideas

Christening party ideas

This september we’re baptising our younger minimoi so I’m starting to think of her christening party. We’re going to prepare something very simple at my parents in law terrace so we’ll try not to spend so much.

That’s why I’ve been looking for some ideas to hold a cheap & chic christening party. One of the things I like the most are “candy bars”. At the USA they are genious with that! Just check out this great table from The Tomkat Studio with yummy sweets, minicupcakes and cakepops.

Christening party ideas 19

Another good idea is to decorate the event with pictures of the little baby like they’ve done at Sprouts by Heather:

Christening party ideas 20

One of the key elements of a party is the cake. I’m a fanatic of fondant cakes, so I’m thinking of creating a special design for the christening party. Here are some of the cakes that inspire me:

Christening party ideas 21

Christening party ideas 22

And of course I will fill the walls with plenty of pompons (I’m taking some ideas from the entry here). In fact I’ve already bought some honeycomb balls and a pair of mint-coloured pompons.

Let’s see if I can creat a similar effect to that of Zuchermonarchie

Christening party ideas 23

Christening party ideas 24

I’ll keep you posted of my progresses.

Have a nice weekend!

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