Ceiling Lamps for kids

Ceiling Lamps for kids

It’s strange but, until now I hadn’t ever looked at something so important in a child’s room decoration such as ceiling lamps.

During our latest obsession to change all the house lights for led lights (I say “our obsession” but I should say “his obsession” instead), we decided to change our “children’s bedroom”* light for a more childish one that could be compatible with led bulbs.

You can’t imagine how hard it is to look for a lamp when you have no idea of how it’s going to combine with all the stuff you pretend to put inside that room someday: an Inke sticker, some bunting flags, an eames rocking chair…

After lots of searching, we fell in love with a design classic: the Verner Panton’s Flowerpot; which captivated us for its simplicity and its beautiful mint colour that reminded me of Minimoi’s official colour.

Ceiling Lamps for kids 22

*It’s called like that but there aren’t any kids inside for the moment…unless there is some creepy phantom kid from” the others” film.

We first saw it at Biosca Botey shop, but it was quite expensive, so we kept on looking for it on the Internet and we finally found a shop called Nordicthink where it was a little bit cheaper.

Anyway, during the “lamp searching process”I found many other options that I also liked, so here’s my selection…

Ceiling Lamps for kids 23

This one made of wicker looks cool, also these classic japanese paper lanterns.

This Nimbus lamp available on Smallable website is also a fun choice.

Ceiling Lamps for kids 24

At Ikea you can find amazing lamps (also cheap ones!) that can add a modern touch to your nursery.

Ceiling Lamps for kids 25

These crochet ones are priceless (so priceless that I don’t even know where to buy them), and also this Lampgustaf that you can knit as you wish.

Ceiling Lamps for kids 26

I also like the midsummer light made of paper (I saw It a few days ago on sale at Pilma shop).

Ceiling Lamps for kids 27

And finally…of course! This party-like bunting lights…I definitely have a problem with that 🙂

Ceiling Lamps for kids 28

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