Cardboard Playhouses for kids

Cardboard Playhouses for kids

This is the first semi-conscious Christmas of my minimoi. She’s now 15 months old and we’ve had to hold back the whole family from buying tons of toys.

Why? Well my reasons are…
1) She doesn’t realize what Christmas means
2) She’s happy with anything (I hope it lasts…)
3) We don’t want to pamper her
4) We’re already invaded by toys and we don’t want to sleep on the balcony

Therefore playhouses have been strictly banned till she grows older. But, once again my mother has found a creative way to overcome the restrictions and -tada!- on Christmas she has surprised us with a cardboard castle done by herself! No need to mention that Clara was deeply impressed and delighted and grandma couldn’t be prouder of her artwork.

So well, yesterday I got an email with the following link “Por siempre jamás. To my surprise they manufacture houses and cardboard castles.

I enclose some pictures so you can judge for yourself but to me they look cool! They’re affordable, foldable, kids can paint them and develop their imagination.

A good idea for those that are not as skilled as “grandma” with the DIY.

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