Boys Party Wear

Boys Party Wear

New year’s eve is coming! We adults, usually rescue from our closet an army of paillettes, laces, ties,… (that we never wear during the year) to throw a proper welcome party for the coming year!

But hey, kids also claim for some partying (although on early hours) so we present a selection of children elegant party wear so that they can shine among any walking Christmas tree invitee.

Today we’ll focus on boys and tomorrow we’ll publish the part II with girl’s party clothing.

Let’s start with the black tie option. When you combine a black tie with a vest it creates a classical look but with a pair of suspenders and jeans turns your kid into the coolest party guy.

Regarding babies, less is more so a tuxedo onesie or bib is more than enough. If you want to guarantee the “oh how cuuuute” effect just add these baby booties from Pitter Patter.

Boys Party Wear 7

There are combinations for everyone. Check out mamas & papas proposal for little rock stars and mini-dandies very “The talented Mr. Ripley” alike. Ah, and in this case “you can leave your hat on”.

Boys Party Wear 8

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