Solidarity gifts (Part II)

Solidarity gifts (Part II)

After the success of our first entry on Solidarity gifts for Christmas (here), today we present you the second part!

Ila Bogo – Fundación Theodora

Only during Christmas time, the profits of the sale of each umbrella will go entirely to Fundación Theodora.

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 6


The perfect ball to decorate your Christmas tree. The profits go to ALEPH-TEA organisation (for Autism).

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 7

Cajita solidaria Obra Social San Juan de Dios

These boxes might look empty although they contain a lot of things: 365 hugs, 1.000 “thanks”, 1kg of love,… Is there a better way to wrap gifts?

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 8

Cruz Roja

Check out all the toys and gifts at Cruz Roja! You’ll surely find some useful stuff…

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 9

Intermón Oxfam

Check out their initiative: “more than a gift”!

Solidarity gifts (Part II) 10

We hope that the three wisemen bring you plenty of presents!

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