Best toy cars for kids

Best toy cars for kids

I’m not a huge fan of cars neither of driving, but when I see toy cars some beautiful childhood memories come to my mind, like the amazing cartoon series “wacky races” or the car carrousel that we used to ride during our summer holidays in Salou.

Best toy cars for kids 25

Here you have us! I’m the one on the right…

I remember that when I rode one of those cars I felt like Penelope in her fabulous pink racing car… Such feeling dissapeared when I finally drove a real car many years later… (I hate driving!)

Best toy cars for kids 26

The only thing that can make me feel like being Penélope again is when I enter a toy shop and find out these amazing cars for kids.

As there are so many cars for kids in the market (maybe even more than the real ones) I have only selected my favorite ones: the replica cars (based on real adult cars) and retro cars.


Let’s start with this nuts idea of cars for kids or adults that want to be kids again.

These are some superexact replicas of luxury cars from Harringtongroup: porsches, jaguars, bugattis… They are really awesome, but as they don’t say anything about the prices on their website I assume they are really expensive…

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Relevant car manufacturers are aware of the importance of starting to persuade kids to capture future consumers, so they have started to offer car replicas for kids on their websites.

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At Imaginarium we’ve also found these good ideas: an authentic formula1 or this amazing Fiat 500… as small and cute as the real one!

Best toy cars for kids 29RETRO CARS

Those who know me, know my little vintage obsession then it’s no surprise that I wish to show you these beautiful cars that will make you time travel!

Best toy cars for kids 30

The first time they caught my eye was at Vinçon shop in Barcelona but many other brands have also started manufacturing these type of toy cars. One of our latest findings (Roser found them while she was going out for a walk at Puigcerdà) is the brand Baghera.

Best toy cars for kids 31

In Baghera they have a wide range of models and colors, which makes even more difficult to choose one of them… I would definetely buy them all. (If you wish to buy them you can try this website:

And finally this beauty: not a car but a plane… isn’t it cute?

Best toy cars for kids 32

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